Saturday, March 15, 2008

Watch "Paz Sin Fronteras" concert webcasts!

On Sunday, a one-of-a-kind concert entitled Paz Sin Fronteras ("Peace Without Borders") will be held on the Simón Bolívar bridge linking Colombia and Venezuela. Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra, Alejandro Sanz and Miguel Bosé are some of the musicians confirmed to play at the concert whose aim is to promote regional peace after a recent diplomatic crisis nearly led to armed conflict in South America.

rockero Juanes- the mind behind the performance- hopes Sunday's concert can make a positive difference:

Do you think this concert -- or music -- can really make a difference?

``It's not that a song by Alejandro or Carlos is going to change people. But music becomes an excuse to send a message, that we're all here together building peace, that we are here as citizens and this is what we want, and we have to be heard. I think the governments have to understand and listen. We don't want to get involved in conflicts between people. We've had enough internal conflicts.''

Don't think you'll be one of the expected 400,000 people attending the concert? Then try catching it via live webcasts:

  1. Terra Colombia ( will be showing the gig from 1.30pm to about 5.00pm local time (2.30pm - 6.00pm EDT). "The service to view the concert will be free and without subscription" according to
  2. Yahoo! Telemundo ( will also have the concert and their coverage will start at 2.00pm EDT. Aside from the webcast, a press release claimed that viewers can "also be able to see and communicate with each other instantaneously."
Do you have any tips on where the Paz Sin Fronteras concert can be seen elsewhere online or on TV? Please let us know in the comments!

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Image- New York Times


Webinar Consultant said...

Thanks I was looking for this link...the girlfriend was getting anxious!

Cherilyn said...

Does anyone know where one can see the entire concert online now (after the fact)? I've found a bunch of videoclips, but I'd like to be able to watch the whole thing. There were some great moments worth repeating!

Erwin C. said...


You're very welcome. Hope your g/f enjoyed the concert!


I've yet to find a repeat of the entire concert, however this site has a comprehensive set of clips:

Hope that helps!

Kasper said...

Great information, since I found my latina girlfriend I must do everything to find this dvd (¿Si existe?) and give it to her... Please keep me up to date with developments on this...

Anonymous said...

Does a dvd or link to the whole concert exist? let me know thanks.

Anonymous said...


In Puerto Rico, USA the complete concert was transmited LIVE many watched in solidarity.
-Now, why couldn't we watch it up here in the states...makes you wonder!!!

Anonymous said...

The yahoo link above leads to the complete show. Thank you!