Friday, November 10, 2006

Daily briefs: October 10th

* A pair of black eyes against soccer in Argentina as players brawled with Uruguayan footballers after being eliminated from the Beach Soccer World Cup, while players for soccer club Gimnasia-La Plata claimed to have received death threats to lose a key game against Boca Juniors (image).

* London’s city legislature is calling on Mayor Ken Livingstone to reveal the costs of his trip to Cuba and cancelled trip to Venezuela.

*The chief spokesman for Colombia’s largest guerilla group have called on celebrities including Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, and Jesse Jackson to help negotiate a deal to free hostages.

* Ecuador’s bonds fell to a 3-week low because presidential candidate Alvaro Noboa’s running mate said that the next government should renegotiate the country’s interest rate on its debts.

Links- Guardian UK, The Australian, Bloomberg,, The Latin Americanist (blog),,

Image- Milenio (argentina)

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