Thursday, March 24, 2016

Daily Headlines: March 24, 2016

* Bolivia: President Evo Morales of Bolivia claimed his country will file a new lawsuit with   the “appropriate international bodies” over the landlocked state’s desire for access to the ocean.

* South America: World Cup qualifiers resume today in South America with matches including Luis Suárez returning to the Uruguay lineup, and a Copa America finals rematch between Chile and Argentina.

* Mexico: For all the talk on the U.S. presidential campaign race on building a wail along the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities announced yesterday the discovery of the twelfth drug smuggling tunnel between Mexico and California since 2006.

* Venezuela: Five men including thee officials with PDVSA pled guilty in a U.S. federal court over their involvement in a bribery scheme between U.S. energy companies and the Venezuelan state-run oil firm.

YouTube Source – AFP (Footage from May 2015. The International Court of Justice last September rejected a Chilean appeal to drop analyzing Bolivia's decades-long dispute for ocean access.)

Online Sources – Fox News Latino, ESPN FC,, ABC News, Reuters

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