Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Daily Headlines: October 7, 2015

* Latin America: A record 693 people in Brazil have died in 2015 due to dengue, while fatalities related to the disease have increased by 78% so far this year in the Dominican Republic.

* Cuba: U.S. commerce secretary Penny Pritzker traveled to Cuba as part of the effort to normalize economic relations between the two countries.

* Brazil: Organizers of next year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro plan to cut about 10% in operating costs for the competition though spending for “building venues, subway lines and highways to help stage the games” will be untouched.

* Colombia: Attorney General Eduardo Montealegre has called for a preliminary investigation into former president turned senator Alvaro Uribe’s possible role in a 1997 massacre.

YouTube Source – AFP (Video uploaded on August 2014).

Online Sources – Yahoo News, Fox News Latino, Times of India, ABC News, The Guardian

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