Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Daily Headlines: June 16, 2015

* Colombia: "What you can do, count on us," exclaimed Pope Francis who offered to help with peace talks between the Colombian government and FARC that have continued amid a recent rebel offensive.

* Mexico: Education authorities dropped “costly and cumbersome” requirements for hundreds of thousands of foreign-born children attending Mexican schools.

* Brazil: As part of the debate over youth crime in Brazil, legislators are expected to vote this month on a controversial proposal to lower the age a suspect can be tried as an adult from 18 to 16.

* Venezuela: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro indicated that meetings this weekend between officials from his country and the U.S. could help improve bilateral diplomatic relations.

YouTube Source – euronews (Colombia’s FARC guerrillas have gone on a violent offensive since ending their unilateral ceasefire nearly one month ago).

Online Sources – ABC News, Fox News Latino, UPI, The Guardian

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