Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Daily Headlines: April 14, 2015

* Chile: Chile will become the latest Latin American country to recognize same-sex unions after President Michelle Bachelet approved a law that will go into effect next October.

* Puerto Rico: Researchers the New York Federal Reserve tried to downplay worries over Puerto Rico suffering from an alleged “brain drain” of young and educated residents opting to leave the island.

* Mexico: Did the Texas Department of Public Safety break federal law by collecting intelligence using drones in Mexico?

* Venezuela: “This year there's no recovery in oil prices forecast,” claimed Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro who also blamed increased fracking in the U.S. for “flooding the world's oil markets.”

YouTube Source – AFP (Chile’s Congress last January approved a proposal legalizing same sex unions that was signed into law yesterday).

Online Sources – BBC News, Reuters, Houston Chronicle, NBC News

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