Friday, March 6, 2015

Daily Headlines: March 6, 2015

* Argentina: An independent forensics team hired by the family of the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman concluded that he was killed and did not commit suicide as official investigators initially believed.

* Uruguay: Recently inaugurated president Tabaré Vázquez will continue the marijuana legalization program backed by his predecessor, José Mujica, and critiqued by the U.N.’s counternarcotics agency.

* Honduras: Archeologists reportedly located a “lost city” in the Honduran rainforest that belonged to a “vanished ancient civilization.”

* Caribbean: The CARICOM bloc of Caribbean states expressed their “grave concern” over “a number of recent developments grievously affecting Dominicans of Haitian descent and Haitian migrants in the Dominican Republic.”

Video Source – YouTube user France 24 English

Online Sources – NPR; CNN; Bloomberg; Fox News Latino

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