Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Daily Headlines: February 18, 2015

* Central America: Officials from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador expressed their disappointment with a U.S. judge’s order this week to temporarily suspend planned relief for millions of undocumented migrants.

* Cuba: The State Department confirmed that the second round of diplomatic talks between the U.S. and Cuba will take place on February 27th in Washington, D.C.

* Mexico: Pemex will not ship finished gasoline or diesel through the company’s vast network of pipelines in order to prevent fuel from being stolen.

* Argentina: France’s top appeals court blocked Argentina’s extradition request for a former police officer accused of torture, kidnappings and murder during the “Dirty War” era.

Video Source – YouTube user Bloomberg Business

Online Sources – World Bulletin; RFI; CBC News; Fox News Latino

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