Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Daily Headlines: February 11, 2015 (Updated)

* Haiti: Carnival celebrations are still expected to take place next week in Port-au-Prince despite heightened political and economic tensions.

* Brazil: In one of the latest problems to hit scandal-plagued Petrobras, technical issues have hurt development of the offshore Libra oil field.

Update: More bad news for Petrbras.
* Venezuela: Venezuelan bonds fell in early trading today after the government introduced a new foreign exchange system.

* Chile: Possibly coming soon to a theater near you – a new movie from acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky.

Video Source – YouTube user Associated Press (“Burning barricades of tires and debris in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince on Monday signaled the start of a two-day strike to protest against the high price of fuel.”)

Online Sources including Update– Bloomberg; Haitian Times; The A.V. Club; Reuters; BBC News

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