Monday, January 19, 2015

Daily Headlines: January 19, 2015

* Mexico: While police arrested the suspected chief hit man of the Mexican drug gang behind the disappearances of forty-three students, two scientists have raised doubts into the federal government’s investigation into the incident.

* South America: Only 216 of its 420 competitors finished this year’s edition of the grueling Dakar rally that wound through Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.

* Brazil: Brazil’s government pulled its ambassador from Indonesia after a Brazilian national was executed on charges of drug trafficking.

* Venezuela: Followers of Venezuelan President Nicol√Ęs Maduro welcomed him home following an official visit of seven countries that was unsuccessful in convincing OPEC nations to cut oil production. 

Video Source – YouTube user euronews (Last week there were clashes “between demonstrators and police outside military barracks in the Mexican city of Iguala where 43 students disappeared in September last year”.)

Online Sources – CBC News; The Seattle Times; euronews; Bloomberg; Jamaica Observer

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