Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Daily Headlines: December 9, 2014

* Venezuela: The U.S. Senate approved imposing sanctions against Venezuelan officials accused of human rights abuses but it could be all for naught unless the bill is passed by the House this week.

* Brazil: The World Cup held in Brazil and the country’s presidential election was among the top three topics most discussed among Facebook users this year.

* Puerto Rico: Legislators on the cash-strapped commonwealth passed a $2.9 billion borrowing plan that includes financing public transportation.

* Latin America: Seven Latin American countries including Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico vowed to protect about 49 million acres of degraded land.

Video Source – YouTube user AFP (“Protesters take part in a demonstration in front of the White House in Washington, on May 9, 2014, urging US President Barack Obama to impose sanctions on those responsible for human rights abuses against protesters in Venezuela.”)

Online Sources – Bloomberg; ABC News; Miami Herald; Inside Costa Rica

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