Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daily Headlines: August 26, 2014

* Caribbean: At least five people died in the Caribbean due to storm conditions caused by Hurricane Cristobal while an estimated 10,000 families in Mexico were affected by Hurricane Marie.

* Cuba: Guatemalan authorities will determine the fate of thirty-six Cuban migrants who traveled on a single raft by sea to Honduras’ Swan Islands.

* Puerto Rico: According to the U.S. the Justice Department sixteen former Puerto Rican police officers pled guilty to “commit robbery and extortion, to manipulate court records in exchange for bribes, and to sell illegal narcotics.”

* Mexico: Mexican officials announced that satellite imagery would be use to monitor freight train lines used by undocumented migrants heading north such as "La Bestia".

Video Source – YouTube user ExcĂ©lsiorTV Noticias (“Hurricane Marie has weakened but rain continues” to fall in southern Mexico.)

Online Sources – LAHT; NBC News; Miami Herald; CBS News

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