Thursday, June 12, 2014

Daily Headlines: June 12, 2014

Note: The biggest story from the Americas is the World Cup that is set to commence later today in Brazil.  Over the next month we will publish several articles on the tournament including matches involving teams from the region and events off the field.  Thus, our “Daily Headlines” entries over the next few weeks will focus primarily on non-World Cup news.

* Colombia: Juan Gabriel Vásquez’s novel on violence in his native Colombia led him to become the first South American author to win one of the world's richest literary prizes, the International Impac Dublin Literary Award.

* Chile: An estimate 80,000 people including university professors and students renewed demonstrations calling for major reforms of the Chilean education system.

* Haiti: Amidst clashes between police and anti-government protesters in Port-au-Prince, Haitian officials announced that the first round of legislative elections would be held this October.

* Mexico: A WikiLeaks-like website has uncovered some two dozen cases of “wildlife crimes” around the world including illegal logging in Mexico, elephant poaching in Africa and illicit fishing activities in Alaska.

Video Source – VOXXI via YouTube

Online Sources – The Guardian; BBC News; The Irish Times; Bernama

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