Friday, May 30, 2014

Daily Headlines: May 30, 2014

* Honduras: More than one hundred U.S. legislators have called on the State Department to “evaluate Washington’s support and training for the Honduran police and military” due to widespread human rights abuses.

* Cuba: At a speech in Havana today, U.S. Chamber of Commerce chief Thomas J. Donohue urged the Cuban officials to do more to curb government controls over the economy.

* Colombia: Colombian cyclists Nairo Quintana and Rigoberto Uran are both close to an unprecedented 1-2 finish in the Giro d’Italia final standings.

* Ecuador: Ex-President Jamil Mahuad was sentenced in absentia to twelve years in prison for the embezzlement of public funds during a major financial crisis in 1999.

Video Source – YouTube user Las Noticias De Colon (Mourners paid their respects to Aníbal Duarte, the mayor of the Honduran municipality of Iriona who was murdered in front of his family last week).

Online Sources – ABC News; NBC News; The New York Times; Cycling Weekly

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