Monday, May 19, 2014

Daily Headlines: May 19, 2014

* Colombia: In news that could boost the chances of President Juan Manuel Santos winning next Sunday's presidential election, opposition candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga was videotaped meeting with suspected hacker Andrés Sepulveda while the Colombian government reached a partial agreement with the FARC rebels.

* Argentina: Paleontologists in the Patagonia region of Argentina believed they have found the remains of what may have been the biggest dinosaur in history.

* U.S.: Victor Espinoza of Mexico is two-thirds of the way through to becoming the first Latin American jockey to guide a horse to the Triple Crown.

* Brazil: Inmates at a maximum security prison in northeastern Brazil freed 127 people held hostage following a riot over the weekend.

Online Sources - New York Daily News; Reuters; ABC News; GlobalPost; The Epoch Times

Video Source - euronews via YouTube

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Vicente Duque said...

Colombia may become the "sick man" of Latin America, even surpassing Venezuela !!

Colombia : Stellar Moments in Oscar Iván Zuluaga Campaign: OIZ replies firmly and decisively to rudeness, vulgarity, meanness and baseness of President Juan Manuel Santos - We do not remember a President of Colombia so devoid of Nobility, Chivalry and Greatness

Summary of Colombian Presidential Debate held on Thursday May 22, 2014:

A Colombian presidential ticket never had two men that were so rude and low as Santos and Vice president Germán Vargas Lleras treating an elected official as a "gamin" or "street ( abandoned ) child", an urchin, and even if never elected nobody should be treated as "Gamín".

Juan Manuel Santos in his villainy says that Oscar Ivan Zuluaga is a "Puppet" and OIZ retorts and replicates very seriously and firmly telling him to respect other candidates.

Juan Manuel Santos is not only coarse but a Superliar --- He denies that Zuluaga saved Colombia from Recession ( being Finance Minister ) while the Rest of the World was in great trouble.

And Oscar Ivan retorts back with pride: "You are in pain, because I was so cataloged inernationally, I was minister during the worst time of global recession and saved Colombia from great economic pain."

Juan Manuel Santos is violating the separation of powers and becomes Prosecutor and Judge against Andrés Sepúlveda condemning this man as "Delinquent", "Offender", "Criminal" and "Hacker" and hints that OIZ and his friends are criminals and hackers .

No one has proven that Sepulveda is a hacker or criminal. That's up to justice and not the president.

Santos has been continuously violating the Constitution and laws, to give Heaven and Earth to FARC Narcos and terrorists.

Santos wants to be reelected with the help of FARC BOMBS in populated places, FARC using Kids as Bombs ( they died in the process ! ), FARC plants field Explosive Mines, booby traps, and recruits children to throw them against the Colombian Army while FARC leaders take shelter behind to be out of danger.