Monday, May 12, 2014

Daily Headlines: May 12, 2014

* Britain: Manuel Pellegrini of Chile became the first non-European coach to head a team to an English Premier League title after he helped guide Manchester City to a crown in his rookie season with the club.

* Peru: Scientists recently discovered rock lines in Peru that are believed to be approximately 2300 years old and pre-date the well-known Nazca Lines.

* Brazil: An estimated 7000 people have occupied land near the site of the opening match of the upcoming World Cup as part of a protest to call for affordable housing in Brazil.

* Mexico: The Mexican government began to demobilize vigilante "self-defense" groups in Michoacan and convert them into a rural police force.

Online Sources - Discovery News; Los Angeles Times; The Huffington Post; Sydney Morning Herald

Video Source - YouTube user ChileNews

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