Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Daily Headlines: February 4, 2014

* Latin America: On the eve of World Cancer Day, a World Health Organization report released yesterday found that a lack of early detection and access to treatment have contributed to about 70% of global cancer deaths that occur yearly in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

* Colombia: A new poll found that President Juan Manuel Santos comfortably leads his rivals for the presidency yet roughly half of respondents are either undecided or would vote for none of the candidates.

* Argentina: The Argentine government is none too pleased with Royal Dutch Shell and blasted the oil giant for raising fuel prices by 12%.

* Central America: Researchers believe that deforestation in Central America has increased since drug traffickers have sought routes that are more difficult to detect by law enforcement authorities.

Video Source – The Lancet via YouTube

Online Sources- Catholic Online; Deutsche Welle; Reuters; ABC News

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