Monday, February 17, 2014

Daily Headlines: February 17, 2014

* Cuba: The Cuban government decided to suspend consular services with the U.S. and announced that consular assistance will “only be provided for humanitarian cases.”

* Puerto Rico: Over a year after Puerto Rican voters in a nonbinding plebiscite opted for statehood, a new U.S. Senate bill proposed creating a binding referendum to decide if Puerto Rico should become a state.

* Mexico: “I make a very good case for curbing immigration,” Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón joked after he won the Bafta for best director on Sunday.

* Brazil: An independent safety inspector will examine possible structural damage at the Arena Pantanal soccer stadium that was hit by a fire last year and is expected to host World Cup matches in June.
Video Source – PRESS TV via YouTube

Online Sources- CNN; The Latin Americanist; LAHT; The Guardian; Reuters

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