Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daily Headlines: October 8, 2013

* Cuba: Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno said that for the 22nd straight year his country will push for a U.N. condemnation of the decades-long U.S. trade embargo on the island.

* Brazil:The United States and its allies must immediately stop their spying activity once and for all,” Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff tweeted after new allegations emerged accusing the Canadian government of spying on the South American country.

* Mexico: The possibility of a U.S. government debt default has apparently led to increased anxiety among economists and officials in Mexico.

* Dominican Republic: Pope Francis named the Vatican’s new ambassador to the Dominican Republic after the previous envoy was removed while being investigated for possible sexual abuse.

Video Source – YouTube via NTDTV (188 nations voted last year at the U.N. General Assembly against the U.S. embargo against Cuba with only the U.S., United States, Israel and Palau supporting the blockade).

Online Sources- Reuters; The Latin Americanist; Voice of America; Salon; CSMonitor.com

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