Friday, November 30, 2012

Today's Video: A Sibling's Search for Justice

We'll be back over the weekend with more headlines from around the Americas including news on violence against women.

"Justice for My Sister" is a documentary released this year that focuses on Rebeca Eunice Pérez, an impoverished Guatemalan woman who sought retribution for her murdered sister, Adela Chacón Tax.  The film shows the many hardships faced by Pérez over three years including the trial against her Tax's ex-boyfriend who was accused of beating her to death.

"Breaking the silence helps other women do the same and this serves as a chain for healing," said the film's director, Kimberly Bautista, to the EFE news agency.

Creating the documentary took its toll on Bautista who was attacked by a group of robbers while filming in Guatemala.  Nevertheless she soldiered on and the documentary was completed and reportedly screened this week in Los Angeles.

 The following video is the trailer to "Justice for My Sister" that also notes how only 1% of the 580 femicide cases in Guatemala in 2007 were solved:

Online Sources - Official Website for "Justice for My Sister",

Video Source - Vimeo

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