Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Headlines: October 17, 2012

Note: Unfortunately there have been fewer posts than normal published on this blog over the past few weeks and today will be no exception.  We’ll be back tomorrow to discuss a number of stories from the Americas.

* Cuba: The Castro administration relaxed several decades-long travel restrictions including eliminating the need for citizens to obtain an exit visa.

* Colombia: Highly anticipated peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerillas are expected to commence today in Oslo, Norway.

* Peru: Disgraced former spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos was acquitted of murder charges related to the 1997 rescue of 71 hostages at the Japanese embassy in Lima.

* Mexico: The family of a Mexican teen shot by U.S. Border Patrol agents last week allegedly plan to file a civil lawsuit against the agency.

Video Source – YouTube via the Associated Press

Online Sources- Reuters, Al Jazeera English, Chicago Tribune, CNN

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