Thursday, September 13, 2012

De Musica Ligera: “Algiers” via Arizona

Last Friday we looked at the latest domestic album release from Colombia’s Bomba Estereo. Another album release occurred on Tuesday from an indie group who we’ve featured before.

“Algiers” is the seventh studio album from Arizona-based group Calexico and their first since 2008. Though The A.V. Club describes the songs on “Algiers” as having “the same parched and airy desert quality that all of the group’s records do”, the album reflects the variety of musical styles including Tejano and mariachi.

Perhaps no other tune from Calexico’s attest album reflects their appreciation of folkloric Mexican music as “Puerto”. The soft strum of acoustic guitars and occasional horns are some of the instruments that are used to construct a lush and melodic song. Listen for yourself:

Calexico is touring London, Paris, Stockholm and other Europe cities this month before returning to tour the U.S. in October.

Video Source – YouTube via Anti Records

Online Sources – Casa de Calexico, The A.V. Club, The Latin Americanist

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