Monday, August 27, 2012

Daily Headlines: August 27, 2012

* Central America: A tsunami alert affecting Mexico and several Central American countries was lifted hours after a 7.3-magnnitude earthquake shook off the coast of El Salvador.

* Ecuador: Could Latin American support behind Ecuador’s approval of asylum for Julian Assange help push for the start of negotiations between the South American country and Britain?

* Cuba: Prominent dissident Guillermo FariƱas was released from police custody over the weekend after having been detained for approximately forty hours.

* Nicaragua: Police last week confiscated over $7 million from eighteen people who were arrested and posing as false journalists.

Video Source – YouTube via CNN Chile (Thus far there have been no reports of serious damage or injuries after the tremor occurred in the overnight hours into Monday).

Online Sources- Herald Sun, The Latin Americanist, Reuters, AFP, GlobalPost

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