Monday, August 13, 2012

Daily Headlines: August 13, 2012

* Honduras: The U.S. government will withhold part of its funding to Honduran law enforcement due to human rights concerns regarding the Central American country’s police chief.

* Venezuela: Does President Hugo Chavez really have “proof” that rival Henrique Capriles belonged in his youth to a neo-Nazi group or is he slandering his opponent of Jewish background?

* U.S.: The MundoFox television network, owned by News Corporation and Colombia’s RCN, was officially launched this morning.

* Mexico: The country’s Navy reportedly captured a man linked to a drug gang and suspected of being involved in the May murders of four journalists.

Video Source – YouTube via videosproceso (Honduran police chief Juan Carlos Bonilla, seen here after being named to the post last May, may be linked to death squads that operated roughly a decade ago.)

Online Sources- Christian Science Monitor, Bloomberg, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald

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