Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Daily Headlines: June 6, 2012

* Paraguay: President Fernando Lugo, who has been named in four paternity lawsuits, admitted that he fathered a child years ago when he was still a Roman Catholic bishop.

* Latin America: According to a MIT study “95 percent of major cities in Latin America are planning for climate change, compared to only 59 percent of such cities in the United States”.

* Central America: More than 1000 banana plantation workers from Costa Rica and Panama are suing a group of companies including Dole and Dow Chemical over alleged pesticide poisoning.

* El Salvador: A World Bank arbitration panel ruled that Canadian mining firm Pacific Rim can go ahead with their case against the Salvadoran government.

Video Source – YouTube via canalNTN24

Online Sources- Reuters, MIT News Office, Bloomberg, BBC News

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the climate change article. The difference is although LatAm cities are aware of it, they have no capital to prepare for it. The US cities have the financial wherewithal but ignore the pending reality