Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daily Headlines: June 28, 2012

* Haiti: A United Nations report found that rape cases in Port-au-Prince are rarely prosecuted partly due to the destruction of records after a major earthquake in 2010.

* Puerto Rico: The American Civil Liberties Union will take Puerto Rico's beleaguered police department to court over allegations of abuse and excessive force against protesters.

* Argentina: Former strongman Jorge Videla brazenly accused the mothers of babies who disappeared during the “Dirty War” era of acting as “active militants in the machinery of terrorism” and denied accusations that he was behind over thirty forced adoptions.

* South America: Plaintiffs in Ecuador have filed a lawsuit against Chevron in Brazil in order to try to enforce a multibillion-dollar verdict against the oil firm.

Video Source – YouTube via Channel 4 News (From June 2011 – “Human rights groups estimate many hundreds of women have been raped since the earthquake struck and with Haiti's justice system in pieces, men are rarely punished.”)

Online Sources- Time, France24,, Reuters

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