Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dangerous Liaisons in Peru

The U.S. Secret Service scandal involving agents soliciting sex workers in Colombia has garnered plenty of headlines. Yet another incident in Peru has served as an example of a women being taken advantage of by a politically connected individual.

Congressman Walter Acha has come under intense scrutiny after being accused of raping his former press advisor, Idelia Calderón. She alleged that her ex-boss doped her and then sexually abused her during a working trip in February. Calderón then claimed that she impregnated him and he attempted to pay for her to abort the fetus. (She would eventually miscarry the child).

Acha initially denied the accusation but he was forced to quickly change his tune after Calderón secretly videotaped a conversation with him. In the video, which she gave to a Peruvian TV network, Acha admitted that he “touched” the lawyer and subsequently claimed that he and Calderón were “lovers”:

Acha, who is married, was expelled from the political party he was allied to and prosecutors this week opened an investigation against him.

Video Source – YouTube via Univision Noticias

Online Sources – ABC News, Peru21, Andina

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