Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daily Headlines: May 31, 2012

* Colombia: French journalist Romeo Langlois is expected to return to his homeland today after Colombia’s FARC rebels released him on Wednesday.

* Brazil: Brazil's central bank cut interest rates for the seventh straight time in order to try to boost the country’s “stalled” economy.

* Chile: Colburn, Development of the controversial HydroAysen dam project has been put on hold after one of the firms backing the venture cited a “lack of government backing.”

* Venezuela: Does President Hugo Chávez have two more months to live as was alleged by U.S. reporter Dan Rather?

Video Source – YouTube via telesurenglish (“In France, the mother of journalist Romeo Langlois expressed her excitement for the return of her son who spent 33 days detained by Colombia's FARC guerrilla.”)

Online Sources- UPI, BBC News, Christian Science Monitor, Reuters

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