Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Headlines: April 12, 2012

* Bolivia: President Evo Morales said that he would “annul” the contract of the Brazilian firm that was building a highly controversial road through indigenous territory.

* Brazil: A judge blocked an injunction seeking to halt Chevron and Transocean from operating in Brazil after two oil spills.

* U.S.: Nine suspected undocumented immigrants were killed in Texas after the crowded van they were riding in crashed during a chase with the Border Patrol.

* Mexico: No major damage has been reported from a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck in Michoacán state and forced the evacuation of several buildings in Mexico City.

Video Source – YouTube via Al Jazeera English (August 2011 report on protests against the controversial TIPNIS project in Bolivia).

Online Sources- BBC News, Reuters, Houston Chronicle, Bloomberg

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