Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today’s Video: "Dame chavos, yeah!"

While plenty of attention has been paid to the battle for the White House, the match-up between U.S. President Barack Obama and a GOP candidate to-be-chosen-later won't be the only election to keep an eye on this November.

Luis Fortuño is seeking reelection as governor of Puerto Rico in what will likely be a very contentious race. Recently he claimed that Puerto Rico's recession was a thing of the past and that the island was undergoing economic growth. Yet the Puerto Rican unemployment rate continues to be in the double-digits, which is a factor in the "brain drain" of youth leaving the commonwealth for the U.S. mainland.

Other topics that will surely be addressed by the gubernatorial candidates will be violence (such as the record 1136 murders committed in 2011) as well as a possible referendum to help decide the commonwealth's political status.

Allegations of corruption in Puerto Rico where the focus of a satirical video from comedian Carlos Ramirez. Set to the beat of a song from synthpop group LMFAO, "Corrupto and I Know It" pokes fun at Puerto Rican politicos such as Fortuño. Lyrics such as "gimme, gimme, gimme lots of bucks" and "I have robbed all that I have earned" brings a welcome moment of levity in the race for La Fortaleza:

(Hat tip: primerahora.com)

Video Source - YouTube via desdekasa

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