Monday, October 31, 2011

Today’s Video: Mirror mirror on the wall...

In the spirit of Halloween we've recently featured a pair of videos including a "Thriller" homage/student protest in Chile and a unique horror film from Uruguay.

The video below is a 1961 episode from the classic U.S. television series The Twilight Zone. "The Mirror" touches on themes of authoritarianism and personal paranoia via the main character: the revolutionary leader of a Latin American-style "banana republic." Ramos Clemente (played by Peter Falk who was best known for his titular role in Columbo) slowly falls victim to his dementia after supposedly seeing his future enemies on an ornate mirror.

Does Clemente die at the hands of one of his rivals that he sees in the cursed mirror? See for yourself:

Online Sources - The Latin Americanist

Video Source - Via user crimevalley

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