Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daily Headlines: September 6, 2011 (Updated)

* Haiti: President Michel Martelly lashed out against an alleged sexual assault of a Haitian teen by U.N. troops from Uruguay and deemed it “an act that revolts the national conscience.” (Update: According to one Uruguayan legislator there are "two more videos and photographs" depicting abuse by U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti).

* Guatemala: The race for the presidency hasn’t show signs of slowing down ahead of Sunday's first round of elections.

* Brazil: Is the Brazilian economy about to go on the decline?

* U.S.: According to a government report released last week the Latino unemployment rate is 11.6%, a figure that nearly doubles “when the underemployed and discouraged workers are included.”

Image Source – AP via The Guardian (Haitian President Michel Martelly urged a full investigation into the supposed sexual assault of a teen by Uruguayan U.N. peacekeepers).

Online Sources- The Independent, insdecostarica.com, Bloomberg, Fox News Latino

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