Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today’s Video: Isabel in power

The Perons were Argentina's primary political couple decades before the Kirchners and many years ahead of Cristina Kirchner's ascending to the presidency. Juan Peron held the presidency during two different occasions with the more successful period occurring when the mythical Eva "Evita" Peron was by his side. Often overlooked was his more checkered nine months in the presidency that culminated on this day 37 years ago.

On June 29, 1974 First Lady and Vice President Isabel Peron became Argentina's interim president. Two days later, the former nightclub dancer would be named as the country's ruling leader after Juan Peron died due to a series of heart attacks.

Economic problems worsened under the presidency of "Isabelita" as "schock therapy" policies backfired. Increased violence came about from extremist groups like the leftist Montoneros and the right-wing Argentine Anticommunist Alliance. Political tensions exacerbated as opponents railed against her even within her own political faction.

The pubic never endeared to Isabel as they had to "Evita" and her presidency was doomed from the start. She when she was deposed in a coup in March 1976 that led to the infamous "Dirty War" era.

Isabel kept a low profile after being deposed and in 1981 she left for exile in Spain. In 2007 she was arrested by police in her Madrid home after an Argentine judge ordered that she provide testimony over alleged human rights during her presidency. Yet a high Spanish court rejected Argentina's extradition request for Isabel. The forgotten Peron who could never capture the public's attention like "Evita" did currently resides free in Spain.

The following video from France24 briefly looks at the Perons and Isabel's presidency starting at the 1:05 mark:

Online Source - BBC News, Mercopress, The Guardian
Video Source - France24 via YouTube

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