Thursday, February 3, 2011

World Watch: Liveblogs on Egypt

One of the most important news stories of the past week-and-a-half has been the uprising against the government in Egypt. The actions in Egypt are complex and more than the "binary 'good guys versus bad guys' lenses" espoused by some media sources and analysts according to this must-read article from the Jadaliyya e-zine.

With the ever-changing nature of the turmoil in Egypt, several news organizations have established liveblogs of the events. Here are a few of them (in alphabetical order):
Egyptian authorities forced the a blackout of Internet access, which lasted for approximately one week before being lifted on Wednesday. Nevertheless, as Global Voices' special coverage on Egypt showed, it was not enough to stifle communication outside of Egypt.

What are your thoughts on the events in Egypt? Please feel free to voice your respectful and civil opinion in the comments to this post.

Online Sources - Jadaliyya, Al Jazeera English, BBC News, Emerging America, NPR, Reuters, The Guardian, Global Voices, PC Magazine
Video Source - Al Jazeera via YouTube

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