Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The upcoming return of The Latin Americanist

As you may have noticed there has been an unfortunate absence of posting on this blog for the past three weeks. I made the terrible miscalculation of assuming that I would have regular access to the Internet during my family vacation to Colombia. Yet for a number reasons (which I won't get into) today is the first time since mid-December since I've been more than a few minutes online! Worse was my absent-minded decision not to seek a guest blogger for my time abroad.

ln short, I screwed up big time and I want to fully apologize to you, our readers, for my mistakes.

I'll return with "Daily Headlines", "Today's Video" and our usual mix of posts next Tuesday, January 11th. Don't forget that you can still vote in the top news stories of 2010 poll, which will close on Monday the 10th.

Thanks for your time, feedback, and loyalty since this blog was founded over five years ago.

Happy New Year everyone!


Tambopaxi said...

Well, heck, Erwin, you're entitled to a Christmas break just like everyone else! Hope you had nice holidays, and I appreciate your news roundup blog!

Senor Pescado said...

hope you had fun in Colombia, one of my favs, need to get back to Cali abd Buenaventura, find a girlfriend from there again, lol

back to work myself, Guatemala and El Salvador, to the fish plant next tuesday, time to surf, and fish, and dive and get out of loser USA ASAP
glad to read you again,