Monday, September 6, 2010

Today’s Video: All hail the glorious chivito!

Tonight is the 100th episode of "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" with the acclaimed chef and author visiting the French capital of Paris. During the five years the show has aired Bourdain has visited locations around the world as well as the Americas. In Puerto Rico he noshed on succulent lechon while he enjoyed cuy (a.k.a. guinea pig) during his visit to the Peruvian highlands. The following video came from his trip to Uruguay where he "stared deeply into the abyss of mind-scrambling sandwichness" that was the chivito:

Online Sources - Travel Channel, YouTube

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rabidgandhi said...

I used to think Bourdain had a knack for the hardcore, but this clip of him lauding the chivitos of Uruguay (the vanilla of Latin America) makes me wonder if all those goofy things I've seen him eat in Asia are actually that ballsy, especially after he called it the greatest sandwich ever. The proof:
1. He says how awesome the bread is, but look at it: it looks like Bimbo pebetes, aka Mexican Wonder Bread.
2. "They really aren't shy about the mayonnaise" blech.
3. I've been to Uruguay. It's Kansas with beaches.

Let's be honest: Uruguay has alot of things going for it, but daring food isn't one of them. But Bourdain needs to look like he's covering everywhere geographically, and countries ending in -guay sound exotic to housewives in Omaha.