Friday, September 24, 2010

De Musica Ligera: A “bomba” of sound

Earlier this month the latest edition of the Bumbershoot arts and music festival was held in Seattle, Washington. Mary J. Blige and Bob Dylan were among those who headlined Bumbershoot but the event also included several acts from Latin America such as Garotas Suecas and Ozomatli. One of these bands was the brilliant Bomba Estereo, a group that combines electronic beast with traditional Colombian music like the cumbia. “A little on the edgy side, the psychedelic effects seamlessly blend into glamorous electronic carnival,” was the way music blog Aurgasm described Bomba Estereo. See and listen for yourself:

Online Sources- Bumbershoot, YouTube, Aurgasm

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Russ said...

There's no doubting Bomba Estereo have been one of the biggest revelations to come out of South America this year. They are also simply one of the best live acts around!