Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Senate drops block on “radical lesbian” Latina

What should have been an easy route to a confirmation vote was anything but for Marisa Demeo.

Demeo’s judicial resume includes a brief period as staff attorney for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Adjunct Professor at Howard University School of Law, and magistrate judge in DC. She received a presidential nomination to be a judge on the DC Superior Court yet her nomination had been postponed. Sen. Jim DeMint was credited with holding up her nomination due to her "history of very leftist activism” apart from MALDEF.

Did we mention that Demeo is a lesbian? Hence, why the Traditional Values Coalition reportedly sent the following letter to its members:
As an open, radical lesbian, Demeo has openly condemned the effort to amend our Constitution to protect marriage as a one-man, one-woman union. Demeo supports gay marriage, claiming it is a constitutional right. She also claims that LGBT individuals are equal to racial minorities and can claim protection as minorities under our civil rights laws…

Demeo’s radical lesbianism, anti-marriage, anti-national security views are dangerous to our nation. She should not be confirmed to the DC Superior Court.
Whether one agrees with her previous work or whatever her sexual orientation is are both moot points. At the very least she deserves the chance for a confirmation vote rather than permit petty politics to interfere. Mercifully cooler heads have prevailed and the hold on Demeo’s nomination was dropped. Too bad it took an eleven-month delay to reach such a point.

Image- Queerty
Online Sources- Charleston City Paper, Think Progress, The Hill

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Anonymous said...

de Celrmont - You state in your blog, "Whether one agrees with her previous work or ......are both moot points." Her prevous work is exactly what is being considered. There is not much else to use a reference. Had she been a white supremist that tried to uphold segregation like policy, that would be used to keep her out of office. As for her sexual preference the only aspect that bothers me about that is that she has a radical lesbian proclivity. I do not like radical or extreme anything in public office. Decline her that office!