Monday, February 15, 2010

Peru: Valentine’s Day protest for gay marriage

Valentine’s Day on Sunday may have served as an occasion to exchange frivolous gifts or give empty compliments. For others, however, the day was a reminder of how we ought to share without prejudices our love and affection to those close to us. Such was the example in Latin America as was written in Living in Peru:

Five homosexual couples had a symbolic wedding in Peru on Valentine's Day, as part of their public actions advocating for their legal rights to get married…

The couples who participated in the symbolic wedding ceremony, that was officiated by an activist from the aforemention organization, took advantage of the district's rules, that ban all kind of discrimination. 

One of the “newlyweds” told the press “this is the first step to demand a change in the laws. We all have the same constitutional rights.”
If 140 Peruvian couples can unite in a mass wedding on Valentine’s Day than surely homosexual couples should be afforded the privilege to marry.

Image- Associated Content
Online Sources- Living in Peru, Press Association

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