Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guatemala’s Colom denies masterminding murder plot

At least 1000 people rallied outside of Guatemala’s National Palace against President Alvaro Colom who has been accused of masterminding the murder of a lawyer. Among those protesting were opposition politicos who have called for the prompt resignation of the center-left leader.

Not to be outdone, several hundred supporters of Colom also rallied in the Guatemalan capital. Thankfully, both demonstrations were reportedly peaceful and without major incident.

In a video released earlier this week, attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg claimed that officials including Colom were after him due to an influential client he represented. The video was publicized on Monday by his representatives, less than 24 hours after he was slain.

Colom has vehemently denied the allegations and has called on the FBI and UN to come to Nicaragua and investigate the Rosenberg case. "This government is not alone, this government stands by its people and we are going to defend the rule of law and democracy until the end," said Colom in a nationally televised address.

Colom has received support from the Organization of American States which passed a resolution approving the Guatemalan government "in its obligation to preserve the institutions of democracy and the rule of law". Meanwhile, U.S. ambassador Stephen McFarland said that an FBI agent had been dispatched to help out.

Image- Al Jazeera English (“Rodrigo Rosenberg's video was posted on the YouTube website after he was killed.”)
Online Sources- Al Jazeera English, AP, AFP, Reuters


Anonymous said...

This is a complete outrage... If these Guatemalan politicians are so clean then they should not object to having polygraph tests administered to them!!! I bet they will not submit to them... and all this talk of the FBI assisting; they are counting on being able to manipulate and limit the involvement of the FBI agent in Guatemala. The only way this will work is for Guatemalan's to take charge with the backing of the international community! As someone who grew up during the armed conflict it almost makes me nostalgic for the times when people in the country died for their ideologies and not for power struggles between crooks.

Anonymous said...

all is real,very real; open secret, president has bough authorities, we need urgent aid of the outside; please, to resolve this problem, urgent aid, please help us

jhonny v said...

invite them to see the page
waiting for their support in peace through a guatemala

Anonymous said...

Today, may 14 of 2009, around 5 or 6 thousend guatemalans potest in the Central Park of our city. Eventhough, the president Colom has not talk with his people after 3 consecutive days of protests.
I´m guatemalan, and i´m sure that Colom is gulty, he is a murderer, a lier and he threats people. He should quit and send to jail. Also, the Public Ministery, the one in charge of the investigation, is buyed by the president so any information will be deleted. WE NEED YOUR HELP, OUR PRESIDENT IS A TOTAL FRAUD AND A COMPLETE LIER.

Erwin C. said...

How are you guys SO 100% sure of Colom's guilt ot innocence? Do you guys have some sort of inside information or have you fallen for the hysteria surrounding Colom's supposed crime?

Anonymous said...

MUERTE a los asesinos! May Rosenberg's assasins DIE!