Monday, July 23, 2007

Chavez: Expel foreigners critical of Venezuela

Foreigners critical of the Venezuelan government will be persona non grata according to comments by President Hugo Chavez. Said Chavez during his weekly TV program (“Hello President”) yesterday:

"No foreigner, whoever he may be, can come here and attack us. Whoever comes, we must remove him from the country. I'm talking about some gentlemen who come here for conferences."

Chavez’ remarks came after Manuel Espino- the head of Mexico’s ruling National Action Party- severely criticized the Chavez administration as a threat to democracy during a conference in Caracas.

Espino also criticized an upcoming constitutional reform that would include removing term limits for the president. Yet Chavez assured that any future reforms would respect individual rights such as the right to private property.

Sources- BBC News, Al Jazeera, Kommersant, Xinhua


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