Friday, April 27, 2007

Bloggers of the world unite and take over

NOTE: In order to make up for the lack of posts earlier this week we will publish 2-3 posts on Saturday including our weekly article on music. Stay tuned!
  • Addition by subtraction may not be a good idea in the closing of a pair of government programs that are going to close in Mexico and Brazil, according to a pair of bloggers.
  • Council on Foreign Relations fellow Shannon O’Neil’s blog on immigration examines how demographics are shaping the immigration debate.
  • Plan Colombia and Beyond gives an exhaustive list of the over 70 politicos involved in Colombia’s “para-politics” scandal.
Links- A Year in Uruguay, Beautiful Horizons, Bloggings by Boz, Foreign Policy – Passport, Gridskipper, ImmigrationProf Blog,, LatIntelligence, Plan Colombia and Beyond, Pop!Tech, Posthegemony, Ricardo’s Blog, The Latin Americanist, The Mex Files, Two Weeks Notice, VivirLatino, Wonkette

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