Monday, August 28, 2006

Week in review: August 21 to August 27

The following are several news stories from the past week. If you want to find out more please feel free to check out previous posts on this blog. (Image via this site.)

Monday August 21:

* The week-long controversy over Pat Buchanan’s new book begins as he appears on the “Today” show to espouse his views.

* Violence in Oaxaca escalates as buses get torched and striking teachers urge students not to go to school.

* Raids against illegal immigrants in Houston, Texas ended with over 300 people arrested and up for deportation.

Tuesday August 22:

* Venezuela president Hugo Chavez arrived in China where he would later sign a deal that would boost oil exports to China.

* The U.S. ambassador to Brazil admitted that the country may not qualify for special trade preferences due to their strong economy.

* Approximately 35 Colombian ex-soldiers and policemen hired to perform private security in Iraq denounced that they were “tricked” into receiving lower pay by their contractor.

Wednesday August 23:

* Reuters interviewed famed Chilean author Isabel Allende who is about to release a new book on Ines de Suarez, the strong-willed and little-know mistress of Chilean conquistador Pedro Valdivia.

* Leaders of the Navajo tribe left Cuba after discussing “cultural and trade issues” with the government.

* Chilean police arrest over 200 student protestors.

Thursday August 24:

* Doctors perform Colombia’s first ever legal abortion on an 11-year-old girl raped by her stepfather.

* A Brazilian court convicted a police officer for massacring 29 people last year while he served as a member of a “death squad.”

* Argentina’s government announced plans to expand its “peaceful” nuclear energy program.

Friday August 25:

* Bolivian president Evo Morales helped inaugurate the Quechua-language version of Windows XP.

* A former Colombian right-wing paramilitary troop confessed to killing the main paramilitary leader in 2003.

* Three Mexican fishermen rescued after being lost at sea for 9 months denied resorting to cannibalism during their ordeal or engaging in drug trafficking.

* A Russian teenager was convicted of the murder of a Peruvian student in southwestern Russia.

Saturday August 26:

* Documents showing the millions of dollars spent by the U.S. government for “democracy in Venezuela” have raised suspicions from the Chavez administration.

* Management at Chile’s Escondida mine have started hiring replacement workers as the strike there enters its third week.

Sunday August 27:

* Tropical Storm Ernesto dumped heavy rainfall on Haiti and forced Cuban authorities to issue a hurricane warning for the eastern part of the island.

* Polls show Brazil’s president has increased his lead over the past week.


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