Monday, March 26, 2007

Bravo Gabo! Garcia Marquez praised during Spanish language conference

Renowned author Gabriel Garcia Marquez (a.k.a. Gabo) was lavished with praise from peers and admirers alike during the opening acts of the Fourth Congress of the Spanish Language held in the Colombian city of Medellin. “I can't overcome my surprise for everything that has happened" said Gabo during a ceremony celebrating his extraordinary literary career. Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia as well as former U.S. president Bill Clinton were present at the tribute to Gabo who recently celebrated his eightieth birthday.

Also during the Fourth Congress of the Spanish Language, language experts revealed a new Spanish proficiency exam designed “to unify criteria and evaluation methods for learning and knowledge of the Spanish language”. The test is planned to be universally accepted though the director of the Cervantes Institute observed that architects of the exam were “very careful about respecting the particular (linguistic) characteristics of each country.” Though there are basic commonalities in Spanish throughout the Americas, there are some notable differences as you can read in our "Regional Spanish" page.

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